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25 June 2008 @ 02:08 pm
Just a quick note to say I'm off to Glastonbury first thing tomorrow morning which promises to be a real hoot. The forecast is for light rain, which I can cope with. Tonight Fiona's coming over to Manchester from Burnley, we're gonna buy some booze and then have an early night so we don't die of tired tomorrow when we should be having fun. When we get there, we'll be meeting a bunch more of my friends and so fun is bound to be plentiful!

So I'll be back to post on Monday or Tuesday probably (just didn't want to get into the habit of not posting again). Have a super weekend all!
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23 June 2008 @ 09:32 pm
So here I am on LJ after a long absence. I genuinely can't remember much about using this whole business, so really, be patient. For a start off, I don't have to write any html anymore? Woo! I never was good with all the computer fanciness!

Anyways, since it's been so long, I don't really know what to start writing. Obviously I'm not gonna mention everything that's happened since I was last properly on LJ. So what big things? Well I think last time I gave a rant which included my current living situation. Anyways, I'm living in a four-bed house, though there's a room empty at the moment, so I live with two others. The thing is that I barely see either of them. When they arrive home, they go straight to their rooms. As a result, I ended up feeling a bit of a dick sat in the living room on my own, so I've ended up in the same pattern living out of my bedroom. I'm hoping that when someone new moves in, I can adopt them and make sure they stay social and I can have a house in which I'm not just incredibly bored.

Other things? Well I don't know if I mentioned, but I lost 3.5 stones last year (Woooo!!! That's 50lbs to Americans or about 22kg to Europeans) after doing some dieting. I'm determined to keep the weight off and thought I might as well get fit as well. To make sure I can still pig out, I've started going to the gym. I've always thought gyms would be terrible places to go. I thought I'd just feel incredibly self-conscious and unfit by comparison. As it happens, I can just send my mind elsewhere and go into auto-pilot. Furthermore, it's something to do instead of going home to where I don't talk to anybody anyways.

I have to say, I do feel noticeably better, especially mentally. To be honest, I think that's more to do with keeping my mind occupied than anything else, but the fact I actually look better makes it slightly easier not to sink into a self-loathing depression. Don't get me wrong, I still do (and I still don't look good, just better), but it's one less thing to hate myself for. I've also recently started going to Yoga. The woman who takes the class doesn't half talk some bollocks. It's hard sometimes, as a science geek, to keep my mouth buttoned when she's telling huge untruths, but somehow I manage. Physically, the class is great. I feel properly stretched and excercised.

Another thing I've started (My my! I didn't realise I'd gotten so busy) is Portuguese lessons. I don't know if I mentioned this to you guys, but I'm still thinking of perhaps going to live in Brazil for a few years after I've finished my PhD. Obviously it'd be helpful to speak Portuguese! I'm getting the lessons free too! There's a guy who works at the Portuguese consulate who's taking some English exams soon and has agreed to teach me Portuguese 1-on-1 if I help him when he needs it. It depends on where jobs are available when I'm finished with my PhD, but I really want to live somewhere completely different for a few years (maybe more if I like it) and South America seems like fun!

So what's been going on recently? Well this last weekend I ended up going to a leaving do for this girl and her husband, who I've met a few times. We went and did kareoke! Wooo! It turns out that once I've got drunk and once I've got up there, I fecking love kareoke! It was in one of those booth-type things, so that may have helped, but I was properly getting into it! This picture may give you some sort of clue as to both how much I was enjoying it and how much I drank:

And news of future events! I'm going to Glastonbury on Thursday! Since Leonard Cohen's playing, I figured I'd go. Going to see him alone in Manchester was about £80 anyway, so I thought I'd go the whole hog and pay the £160 for Glasto. Also, there's obviously the atmosphere and some other great acts to look forward to. A few people I can't wait to see:

Leonard Cohen
Amy Winehouse
Seasick Steve
Martha Wainwright
Jimmy Cliff
Alabama 3
Buddy Guy
King Solomon Burke
Joan Baez
Billy Bragg

And I always thought Glastonbury was just full of shit! I mean look at some of the classics on that list! It's gonna be fucking awesome! Admittedly, I don't actually know Martha Wainwright's music, but all the people that do seem to have some semblance of good taste (yeah I'm looking at you elusive!), plus I like her brother's and her dad's stuff so I wanna see her.

Then in August, I'm gonna take a long weekend and go to Prague with my Mum and in September I'm off to Wood's Hole in Massachusetts for a conference (molecular parasitology meeting in case anybody's even vaguely interested. I know I am!) and am going to take full advantage of the paid flights by taking two weeks extra holiday in the North East US. The plan is to go to hostels and, if I can fit it in, I'm gonna try to do New York, Washington, DC and maybe Philadelphia. Anybody know anywhere I should definitely go to? I'm hopefully gonna stay in a couple of smaller places along the way too.

Sorry! That was mighty long. I was gonna start ranting about some other stuff that pissed me off (some religious stuff), but I should think you've already had enough for today. So there we go. Hope all is supertastic with you folks!
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21 June 2008 @ 02:19 pm
Reeto. Hello all! Although obviously since I've just created this account, there is no all and I'm just writing to myself. I suppose this is how all blogs start off no? As you can undoubtedly tell, I'm pretty new to this whole malarky, so you (whoever you future people may be) will just have to be patient while I get the hang of it. As I mentioned in the blurb on my profile, I'm not really sure how I'm gonna sort out this journal. I just felt I needed a place to vent and possibly a place to just chat about any old shite.

So I suppose a little about me is probably in order. Well I'm quite interested in a lot of things and when you get me talking about any one of those things, you're quite likely to find me getting passionate about it. I don't like feeling ignorant about things, so I have a tendency to read up about everything I can (though because of the effectively infinite nature of knowledge I am obviously still ignorant of much!). Having said that, please don't take me for an intellectual snob. I am often wrong and appreciate being told so since I hate being wrong even more than being ignorant.

I love having a good old argument (civil ones of course, though arguing with uncivilised idiots can also be fun) over anything and everything anyone wants to argue over, especially on those points about which I feel passionate. Get onto me about religion, evolution, abortion, women's rights, homosexuals' rights etc. etc. and I can have a good old rant for hours! So please, feel free to come in and argue with me about whatever. I'm open to change - I'm not closed-minded (though if you disagree with someone, they'll often claim so), but you must justify your arguments using logic and reason. No other argumentative method holds sway with me.

Now that all that thinking stuff's been said, I'd like to make it clear that this isn't just going to be about in depth arguments on the nature of life and science, human rights and politics. It's also incredibly likely to be me describing my life and what is important to me in it. Just the ins and outs of day to day life, as well as the good and bad events which are bound to fall upon me on the way. Right. I guess that's enough of an introduction, so just to liven up this somewhat dull post, here's a video I found today of Louis Armstrong singing a version of "When the Saints Go Marchin' In" and was much amused by:

Rimsky? Of Korsakov!

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